Name : REHAU

Date of commitment: 29/01/2021

Business sector: Polymer solutions

Scope: downstream

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REHAU is a German brand, established next to Metz since 1965,

A reliable brand in underfloor heating/cooling, PVC and RAUFIPRO® windows, doors and shutters, but also in field strip solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and interior fittings, industrial and automotive solutions.

We accompany building professionals on a daily basis in their construction or rehabilitation projects, thanks to a commercial organisation at your side and technical support.

Our corporate culture, based on our professionalism and passion for the polymer material and its fascinating and unlimited application potential, is the key to the success of our independent family business.

Today, our group anticipates tomorrow's needs and focuses on the challenges of the future: water management, renewable energies, energy efficiency, mobility, the environment and living environments.

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For REHAU the sustainability is not just a policy, but above all a commitment to a reality.
This is why we naturally adhered to the concept of FRET 21 which was presented to us in July 2020.
FRET 21 is an effective and mobilising tool in the logistics chain to achieve environmental efficiency, enabling all stakeholders to contribute to the reduction of transport-related GHGs.

After being the first gammist-based extruder of window profiles to have voluntarily committed itself to the government in 2018 regarding the increase in our consumption of PRM (Recycled Raw Material), REHAU in 2021 is the first plastics manufacturer to commit itself to the FRET 21 system.

L’intérêt du dispositif FRET 21 :

• Remise en question/meilleure connaissance de nos flux transports
• Mise à disposition d’un outil de calcul/simulation et dont les résultats sont validés par l’ADEME (ceci évitant les sources multiples des outils existants dont les résultats sont à considérer avec mesure)
• Dynamique fédératrice auprès de nos transporteurs et clients quant à cet objectif de réduction de CO2

Dans le cadre de FRET 21, nous avons retenu l’engagement de 6% de réduction de CO2 lié aux transports pour le périmètre de la France sur 3 ans avec des actions suivantes :

• Achats responsables : Label Objectif CO2
• Moyen de transport : Carburants alternatifs
• Taux de chargement : Massification du chargement sur racks / Emballages plus légers et moins volumineux