Bilan et réengagement d’EQIOM

Category : freight news, press || Published on : 16/06/20

After 3 years of involvement in FRET21the company, EQIOM decided to re-engage. You will find here several articles about this commitment.

More information on the links below:

Article from Construction Cayola: Eqiom records a reduction of 2,700 tons of CO2e emissions from its transport after 3 years of approach " FRET21 - Les shippers s'engagent " (The Commitment)

Article from Eqiom persists and signs... to reduce CO2 emissions

Article from Actu Transport Logistique: Eqiom extends its commitment to greener transport

Article from Recycling Recovery: Cement and aggregates: EQIOM reduces its GHG emissions

Article from EQIOM's transport emissions reduced by 2,700 tons of CO2 emissions

In 2018, articles published during the first EQIOM commitment: : François Meyer, logistics director at Eqiom: "If you measure the fever, you might as well make it fall". : Materials - Eqiom is working to reduce its CO2 emissions : Eqiom tests 4 trucks with biogas

Bati Produits : The Biogas truck makes its entrance at EQIOM! In the dynamics of its membership to "FRET 21*", EQIOM shows its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport by experimenting with four trucks with green engines using natural gas and bioethanol.