Aware of the need to help companies better integrate environmental issues into their logistics strategy, the AUTF and ADEME have initiated FRET 21 to enable all types of companies to implement concrete actions to limit the impact of their transport on the climate.

Strongly involved in all issues related to freight transport and in particular in the economic and environmental performance of the different modes of transport, the AUTF wanted to federate the community of shippers on the need to reduce the carbon footprint of their transport through the levers they master through FRET21 .

Assessing its environmental maturity, defining areas of progress to implement concrete actions to reduce CO2 emissions from its transport and monitoring their effects over time, these are the key words that have guided the AUTF in its desire to offer companies a system enabling them to integrate the "carbon criterion" into their logistics strategy.

To this end, ADEME's expertise and success in defining and providing tools to enable economic players to control their energy consumption and limit their environmental footprint were decisive assets in the construction of this voluntary FRET21commitment programme, which was made official with the support of MEDDE.

FRET21 is the logical continuation of the "Objective CO2 - Carriers make a commitment" initiative. 1000 road haulage companies for goods and passengers have made a commitment, enabling them to save more than one million tonnes of CO2 since 2009.

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