Axe 3 - Moyens de transport

Développement du biocarburant

Trucks running on biofuel are a real breakthrough in the fight against climate change. By the end of 2017, Carrefour will put 200 biomethane trucks, all PIEK-labelled, on the road in 5 major French conurbations in order to reduce the environmental impact of its deliveries. This deployment will be accompanied by the construction, in partnership with GN Vert and Air Liquide, of nine service stations that will offer all of the Group's gas fuel and biomethane products.

This major initiative responds to 3 major issues:


  • Environmental issues, with a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 50% reduction in noise pollution (noise level below 65dB). With 200 trucks by 2017, Carrefour announces a reduction of 20,000 tons per year in its CO2 emissions.
  • Public health issues, with the suppression of fine particles.
  • There are issues in terms of the fight against waste, as some of the biomethane trucks that will be put on the road will run partly thanks to the bio-waste from the stores.