Hénaff - Logistics pooling " GIE Pointe de Bretagne ".

The flow of pallets from Hénaff to the G.M.S. warehouses has been pooled with other Breton companies in the G.I.E. shippers Pointe de Bretagne. Thanks to a tripartite collaboration (shippers/Customers/ Distributors/Transporters) the Jean Henaff company was able to consolidate the collections on its site in Pouldreuzic: 110,000 pallets were consolidated in 2016 by the collaboration of the G.I.E. with 4 brands.

This approach has made it possible to:

- a better filling of the trucks coming to load

- a reduction in the number of vehicles of the carriers delivering to the common customers of the Jean Hénaff company and othersshippers.

This organization also provides transporters with regular flows and fixed appointments at the platforms that receive Hénaff products and those of the GIE member companies.

For customers, it has the advantage of having fewer vehicles coming to deliver their rigs and better-filled trucks.

In concrete terms for the Jean Hénaff company in 2016, mutualisation has made it possible to reduce by 103 the number of lorries coming to Pouldreuzic to load.