Reduction of empty transports for MATCH Supermarkets: TETRIS project

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This project is based on a simple observation: the trucks dedicated to transporting goods from our warehouses were half empty.

After an internal brainstorming, it was decided to reduce this void by implementing a solution that allows pallets to be stacked (stacked) on top of each other.

Named "Tetris", the project is launched at the end of 2016. The equipment is purchased and several projects are being carried out in connection with the departments affected: Human Resources, Warehouses, Stores, Technology and Transport.

In March 2017, after 3 months, the project is set up, the 1st deliveries to our fresh warehouses are operational.

Today 100% of fresh produce deliveries benefit from this delivery system. Approximately 50% of pgc deliveries are deployed but we are aiming for 100% at the end of the commitment.