du transport

– 20 %

d’emissions de CO2
en 2020


to better integrate the impact of transportation and reduce
CO2 emissions

The aim of FRET21 is to encourage undertakings acting as principals of transport operators to improve the quality of their transport services.
integrate the impact of transport in their strategy of sustainability.

Each volunteer company signs an agreement with theADEME in which it specifies a target for the reduction of CO2 emissions and undertakes to implement actions to achieve it.

The signatory company can implement different families of actions, divided into 4 axes:

  • Filling Rate,
  • Distance optimisation,
  • Means of transport,
  • Responsible purchasing.

Companies have at their disposal tools that enable them to assess and monitor their emissions and track the results of their actions.
committed :

  • A catalogue of action cards,
  • A monitoring tool that provides the sum of the CO2 savings generated by the various actions carried out,
  • A calculator that enables the valuation of CO2 gains linked to the implementation of an action.

4 ACTION AREAS to reduce CO2 emissions

Filling rate

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Distance optimisation

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Transport mode

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Responsible purchasing

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How to implement these actions?
How can the CO2 gains of these actions be valorised?