NEXANS: responsible purchasing

Approved and CO2-labelled suppliers
Nexans wants to be a major player in the energy transition. If actions are taken internally to move in this direction, the company's external partners must not be neglected. More and more transporters are committing themselves to such initiatives, as we are doing today. Nexans has a duty to identify and work with these suppliers in order to give meaning to this approach. We also need to convince our current non-approved/labelled partners to become so. This is an emerging imperative, especially with our customers. Indeed, more and more of them are demanding clean transport from Nexans.

And we are also very pleased to announce the purchase by Nexans Nanterre of a gas truck to provide daily distribution to its customers in the Paris area, France, replacing a diesel truck. It is quieter for local residents, emits less fine particles and CO2.

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